Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dana's Third Appointment - Update

Dana at the doctor yesterday, Pre-flu shot. Yikes!
Just an update!

I was nervous for weeks before Dana’s third appointment. So many of my family members constantly talking about how skinny she is. It felt like I was always fighting them off. I have been a nervous wreck since I made the appointment in December actually because at the time Dana has come down with a nasty cold and was barely eating.

After the appointment I was so relieved the doctor said she had gained 5 lbs since her last visit and she was doing well, I had nothing to worry about. I felt proud of myself too - even with all the worrying, my partner and I did such a great job with her. We really pulled together as a team.

I guess sometimes it’s good to just follow your instincts. I’ll still worry though! We are really trying to continue to get her on a better eating path. I remember on FB if there was anything anyone would like to read about and one of my friends suggested food/children eating - so look out for that!

Love Always,

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