Monday, January 26, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Mom and....School?!

Some of you guys may have started school already but if you are in the NYC area it has probably been cancelled for the next day or so. 

Being a parent and going to school takes preparation. Questions such as who is going to care for the children while you are away? What time are you going to put aside to do assignments? How can you make your mornings a lot easier? Are all on the table now. I know quite a few mothers who work and go to school and still try to squeeze every cuddle they can get from their little ones before they are off to bed.

We are fortunate enough to have care through family. It’s a relief sometimes to know they are in safe hands and want to be there. This is going to be my second semester going to school as a mother of two and let me tell you, last semester really kicked my butt but I learned a lot of trips and tricks to help me out.

We prep the night before. The baby bag, extra clothes, diapers, milk, snacks, whatever it is. We pack a bag for Dana with coloring books and crayons or things that will keep her busy during the day. My parents try to make it easy on us by buying snacks she likes and they have a ton of clothes there too and thank God for that - that baby bag gets heavy! For ourselves we take our clothes out, prep our bags and prep the coffee (it’s a must)

Laundry, cleaning, and food shopping get done in the beginning of the week. Yes, it’s exhausting to do it every Sunday when it’s our only day without the kids(My parents use it as a grandparents/spoil the grand kids day) It’s tiring for us but its a chance where we can really work as a team and help each other. Otherwise one of us would end up doing it and the other would end up chasing after the kids. In between running our errands we get to have lunch together or if we finish up early we can catch a movie.

Organizing notes, books, slides. emails - it’s a must! The day I am least prepared is usually the day that we had a huge assignment due. Isn't that how it always works? It’s really hard but my best bet is writing it down and also having it on my Google Calendar. I have notifications set up to be sent to my email the day before as well. Filling in gaps in notes as soon as possible is always a good idea. While you are doing this it’s like studying. I rewrite notes during breaks because that's my method of studying. If your professor gives you the slides before the lecture, uh, utilize it! Chances are if they didn't think you needed it or could benefit from it they wouldn't have taken the time to post it online or send it via email.

You honestly don’t need to be on top of this every single day of your life, and sometimes you will have some really off days but never lose sight on what you are going to school for. If it’s to further your education or give yourself and your family a brighter future remember that all this hard work you put in now pays off later.

Love Always,

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