Monday, February 16, 2015

My Yoga Path

I've always been really interested in Yoga and Meditation. I've read about it a lot throughout years but it's been daunting to think about doing it in a public setting and having people look at me. (one of the reasons why I hate gyms) However, last semester in order to fulfill my physical education requirement in college (I know-city colleges) I decided to take Yoga I. It was probably the best decision I've made for myself. I became obsessed with it. I loved it, it was the only thing capable of clearing my mind. At that point in my life, I really needed something to clear my head. So this semester I decided to continue and take Yoga II. I've been pushing myself more and practicing more. It’s helped me so much and I can start to feel the results from it.

In the past I have been very insecure about my body, my weight has been up and down for years, which began in High School. Once I started working in retail, it was worse. I was eating on the go, constantly junk food. I take responsibility for my unhealthy habits and undoing them has proven to be very hard. I still try everyday to do one healthy thing for myself other than doing Yoga or working out, whether its choosing water over juice, not having that sweet treat no matter how much I want it, or whatever it is - it helps me feel like I am working towards my goal. 

I’m hoping to keep up with my daily practice and I continue to learn more about it and myself everyday. Eventually I would love to teach it but I’m at the beginning of my path. I've been using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and various blogs of self taught Yogi’s to help me push further.

Is anyone else doing Yoga or would like to? Connect with me via Facebook or Even if its not about Yoga! You can always look back, I'll be posting my Yoga related posts later. :)


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