Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valuable Time

If someone, other than your employer, told you "I'll pay you a dollar a minute just to hear me out" I'm sure everyone would take this opportunity. Especially if there was no obligation to doing so. When we aren't working and being paid for our time I think we have a tendency to waste our time. I've learned so much about time lately - it's insane to feel I've wasted so much of it. I'm vowing to spend my time wisely!

Here is a moment of truth:
Once I stopped working, my three year old's (Dana) schedule went totally out of whack. I was so tired and sleeping in and she was sleeping in with me, as much as she slept in, she stayed up until about 2 AM. I was going crazy thinking about how many things I could be doing in the time I was up with her. I realized how much I didn't value my time because not only was I robbing her of a stable schedule but I was robbing myself of the time to do Yoga, actually eat a solid meal, do homework, pick up the house and any of the many tasks I had to do within the day.

We are slowly working on this. Her schedule is getting better and even our four month old (Ava) is adjusting to sleeping at the same time every night.

It did make me realize how much time is VALUABLE. Whether I am being paid or not, when I don't complete the tasks that I set out to do and instead derail from my goals, I am simply wasting my time and sometimes the time of others. The next time you think of blowing off your responsibilities or not doing the things that help you achieve your goal, maybe you should ask yourself, "Am I wasting my time?"

Love Always,

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