Sunday, February 8, 2015

Why I'm Taking Photography

Louise Brooks, Actress
A little background on the photo to your left, it's of Louise Brooks, who was a famous actress of the 1920's. If you truly know me, you know I love the Roaring 20's. I've done many reports and projects on this time period in the past. She was in a series of movies during the 1920's - in particular Pandora's Box (1929). She also made that bob famous.

I was a little annoyed to see some free space on my schedule this semester and I had no clue what to fill it with (This was in the beginning of January) I started looking at Art classes. I am no artist, I mean like a painter and I can't draw even if my life depended on it but I was looking for photography courses in particular. I stalked the courses for a couple of days before I told my partner (Bless her heart for having to deal with my pursuit on dreams) that I wanted to take photography. As usual she was very encouraging, but why would I come out of my comfort level of spitting out psychological theories and writing (my second major) to pursue photography?

She asked me yesterday on our drive to Williamsburg, why are you taking photography? I answered her very generically saying it was to take pictures of the children and be able to pick up a skill and how it's been an interest of mine. However, the wasn't exactly true and wasn't all of the reason why. I would love to photograph our kids, other kids, and people around me and things I enjoy looking at. The great thing about photography is it can be perceived in any way you want to. My idea of happiness and sadness can be far different from yours. That's art actually.

She just doesn't know (She will soon) that I'm taking photography for her. I hope to fill our home with beautiful photos that inspire her and fill the void of not being able to be surrounded by artwork all the time. She loves art but with kids and two jobs, its very hard to go to galleries and shows. We try to make it to anything we can but still haven't been able to attend a gallery together.

I'm in a slump in my life, that's a whole other story that I will actually share but I needed a change and I needed to do something that wasn't just for my personal benefit. Wish me luck here though! My professor is a photographer of 40 years and he's absolutely brilliant! I'll post some of his work later.

Love Always,

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