Thursday, January 21, 2016

Budget & Life: Meal Plan like a BOSS!

The number one excuse I've heard when people speak about HEALTHY meal planning is that it's too expensive. I, for one, have said this myself but meal planning can actually save you TIME and MONEY.

Or how about working an exhausting day or running around but having to come home, defrost something and beginning cooking at the end of the day? More than likely, you are going to just opt for take out and forget the whole idea of cooking.


1. Make a list based on your meals: Which means, pick what your going to eat and buy the ingredients, also keep in mind what is already in your pantry. At our house, we always have staples that we buy over and over again. We usually plan our meals around that.

2. Coupons: You have to consider what you can get on sale if you want to save money. Simply hopping onto your grocer's website can help you zero in on what can be bought on sale and you can work your meal planning around that.

3. Go for what's in season: Certain fruits and vegetables are easier to find in certain seasons, go with those if you are trying to find fresh and affordable options.

4. Prep ahead: This helps a lot in our house, we cut up things, season meat and freeze. On our busier days, we cook less complicated or time consuming meals and on our less busier days we probably have something pre-seasoned and ready for a pot or pan. This also helps with being conscious of what you are eating. You are less likely to make bad food choices when you are prepped for a delicious meal.

5. Keep it simple: No one said you needed to cook like a Food Network chef in order to eat filling, delicious and satisfying meals. If you are just getting into meal planning and prepping for the first time, make it simple and quick. Once you've got it down pack you can add a lot more to your list of mastered dishes.


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