Friday, January 1, 2016

Intentions for 2016

As most people near the end of the year or begin a new year, they ponder, what are my new resolutions for the New Year?
Have you noticed the increase of people in your gym by January 1st? Others set strict guidelines to how they are going to accomplish their goals this year to only give up on them by the end of February. I know this cycle all too well because I have done it many years before and many years in a row.

This year I decided to set intentions instead of resolutions because they are less strict and give room for many options to work on them. I started with just three simple ones because I know throughout the year I will create smaller or even larger goals and just fit them into my intentions as I go.

Here are my three:
1. Focus on the positive - This can be hard. I find very few people in life that can look on the greener side of things, but this is something I intend on trying to do because the times I have gotten passed the complaining and whining have turned out to be awesome.
2. Spend more memory creating time with my family - I find myself glued to my phone at times when I should just be sitting back and appreciating the time I have with my partner and children. It can be really hard to break away from technology when our world is full of social media, etc. I intend on pulling myself away from that world to be in the present moment with my family.
3.  Live a healthier lifestyle - It's not about the pounds lost specifically but just about creating healthier habits and meals.

What are your intentions for the new year?

ღ Christina

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