Monday, February 22, 2016

Kid Chronicles: Ava's Journey to Walking

Our kids development is somewhat of a touchy subject for my partner and I. We pride ourselves in letting the kids be independent but sometimes things happen and it gets scary.

As Ava was approaching a year old, everyone wanted to know, "Is she walking yet?" Unlike her older sister who walked shortly after turning one, Ava was not walking as quickly. She would just stand up but would never take steps forward. Then as time passed, she began walking on her knees which caused them to get darker and look bruised. We decided to always keep pants on her so that she wouldn't get hurt.

My mom quickly pressed the issue of her not walking as well as the rest of my family. They explained that "Its not normal for a child her age." I thought it was quite normal and decided I would wait until she was about 20 months to get REALLY worried. I tried not to push Ava but encouraged her when she took those first few steps and then fell. I didn't get frustrated with her because I felt that she wasn't ready. There were doubts, believe me. When people begin telling you that your kid is not normal, you start to question whether you are naive or not.

Ava is just a few days from being 17 months and she's quite the walker now. It's not full time because she can crawl way faster than run but I am excited to see her adventures as a toddler.

The moral of the story is: Follow your heart because sometimes listening to others just stress you out!!!

Ava's outfit: Fleece: Old Navy / Leggings: Children's Place / Socks: Old Navy


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