Friday, February 19, 2016

Updates + Is it Summer Yet?

Hey guys! I hope everyone enjoyed their valentine's day! It's COLD in NYC, so we stayed in. (We as in the kids and I because my partner had to work)

For Valentine's day:

I know some people go with awesome romantic gifts. We don't do that here! haha. We go with practical - She's been eyeing this for a while gifts. I got my partner a new bookbag because her's fell apart and I was sure she would never go out and get a bag for herself.

She wears backpacks because messenger bags and other bags are uncomfortable for her back.

For her:

 I went on the website and noticed that color is no longer available but here is the link to the style.

Borealis Backpack

This is Zinc Grey and Brick Red. Of course as soon as it arrived, I tried it on. It was so comfortable but I am just not a backpack wearing gal. So my partner laughed so much when I put it on!

For Me: poor wallet fell apart. It's so sad. It fell apart WEEKS ago but I didn't have time to go out and get a new wallet. Anyone who really knows me, knows I do not care about BRANDS. I care about quality and function.

My partner got me a new wallet from Aldo's Shoes AND a Canon Powershot SX520. (Yay!) We didn't get it brand new because I wanted a starter camera and probably will transition quickly to a different one. I really didn't see the point of getting a BRAND NEW camera for nearly double of the cost of the refurbished one. She ordered it from Canon and I received it today. I am so excited, it's crazy. When I opened the camera - there was nothing refurbished about it. It's in great condition. I've been using my phone for pictures but I was ready to go up a step from that for the blog and to be able to take pictures of the kids that I would be really proud to print.

Here's the link to the wallet: Badada Wallet
And the link for the camera: Canon Powershot SX520

Other updates: 
School started at the end of January. My professors jumped right in with a lot of work. I think I've read nearly 400 pages of material in the last two weeks alone! It's the reason why I needed to slow down on the blog but I miss it so much!


Where is Summer? Please come back - quick!

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