Sunday, April 17, 2016

Changes to Boundless Lives

Stop the press! Boundless Lives is changing!

Haha, don’t stop the press but we are changing.

I’d like to first say, I realize I’ve been really MIA. I’ve been focusing all my time on reading and doing work for school. Midterms are over finally! My grades are in. All good here!

Prior to this, I’ve been the only writer of the posts on this blog but now my partner and I have decided that we are going to each write a portion of the blog. Mine obviously from my perspective and her posts from her own.

Why is this even interesting you ask? Well I’m the stay at home mom half of this relationship and she’s the working mom half of the relationship. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know what it likes to be either? We have different parenting styles that we need to compromise on in order to make everything work as well.

We hope you enjoy our new journey as co-writers!


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