Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fitness | Country Heat | Healthier Eating

I am beyond excited to talk about my new workout program for August, COUNTRY HEAT.

What is Country Heat?

Country Heat is the newest program by Beachbody and created by Celebrity Trainer Autumn Calabrese. (You've probably heard of 21 Day Fix) It's a dance program that is 30 days long and features some of the hottest country pop music! Each workout is 30 minutes of low impact cardio. This is a great starter workout. You can easily modify it!
At first, my response was, "Huh? Country music?" But I was willing to give it some thought because Beachbody goes through a lot of research and tests groups before they launch a program. When Beachbody had the sneak peeks on Beachbody on Demand, I did the workouts and I was really impressed so when it launched, I purchased it.

Last week when I got it, I was just working out, getting a feel of how the moves were. It's a really great cardio workout if you are looking to switch out your cardio for something fun. You can probably pair it with 21 day fix  or 21 day fix extreme and get some killer results.

So for August I'll be using Country Heat and I might be mixing it up and ADDING some of the 21 Day Fix workouts.

What am I eating?

Eating healthy has to be the hardest part for me. I actually enjoy a good workout but I really enjoy food so I am trying to look up different recipes and swap out some bad ingredients for healthier versions. This can be challenging because I do have kids that have two very different tastes. For instance, my older loves fruits and veggies as well as LOTS of pasta while my younger daughter loves carbs carbs carbs but not so much fruits and veggies. Neither really like meat.

So I am managing my eating by using the 21 Day Fix containers and watching my portions. I eat when I'm hungry and make sure to stop when I am full. If I eat and I'm still hungry I search for my veggies or fruits rather than my ice cream, chocolate, or anything junk related. I love those containers, they help me really see how much I'm missing out (on some really delicious foods!) when I am eyeballing what I think I should be eating.

I try to stay away from juices and stick to lots and lots of water. I have one cup of coffee in the morning (with creamer - sorry I can't get rid of everything!) and I make sure that I'm getting in my Shakeology within an hour of my workout to replenish my body and to be honest, this has been my miracle. When I workout I feel like I could eat a whole house but once I drink this I'm satisfied and know that I haven't just killed my workout by eating a bunch of food.

Overall, I'm super excited about this program! Last year for my birthday (August 10th) I wrapped up 21 Day Fix and while I fell off the wagon, the changes to my body were still pretty visible all through the winter.

If you want more information about Country Heat, contact me at



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