Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dress obsessed

My daughter LOVES dresses. Seriously. She wants to wear a dress 24/7 and as a growing toddler that can get pretty pricey.  So I went on the hunt for cute dresses that gave her options but were affordable.
I found a ton at H&M. I have to give it to them, when I worked there many years ago their children department didn't seem to be as big as a hit, but now I am constantly seeing children in their clothing.
Here's one of the dresses I got Dana last week.
On Friday we spent the entire day running errands and then we ended up at the nail salon. Another obsession of hers is nail polish. I'm really not crazy about young children and nail polish or at least not crazy colors, so I always select pinks and purples in lighter shades. So she's happy and so am I.
For more dresses, visit H&M

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