Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bribe or Lie?

Yummy drippy Vanilla!
Okay....confession time!
Sometimes I bribe Dana cream - haha.

A little ice cream never hurt anyone, right? I usually do this to get her to eat dinner. I tell her if she eats dinner FIRST she can have some ice cream after and it works. However, a lot of times I used to get wrapped up in taking care of other things after she was finished up with dinner and forget all about her ice cream. Then she started calling me a,,,liar! OH MAN! Sometimes it's not SO bad to bribe your babies to get them to do things but you definitely need to follow through. After dinner tonight, I let her have a little time for her dinner to settle down and I quietly got her a scoop of ice cream in her favorite bowl (Minnie Mouse rules!) and slid it onto the dining table in front of her. Her face lit up, she thanked me and told me how yummy it was!


What do you bribe your little ones with? I'd love to know, so comment below!


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