Monday, June 29, 2015

Pirate Festival!

Hey everyone! Hope the summer's been good to you and your kids!

My partner and I organize the LGBTQ meetup for Long Island and Queens (I mentioned this before) so a couple of weeks we went to the Pirate Festival in Sayville, NY. It was pretty cool. A lot of corporate things going on but still pretty decent for a couple of hours. Our older daughter really enjoyed it.

Here are some pictures from the festival:
"The Greatest Story Never Told"

Just some friendly pirate fighting :)

More fighting!
It was gloomy out that day and kind of cold, but good at the same time because everything was outdoors and you didn't have a ton of overheated agitated children. There were tons of food trucks also! I don't know if we would or would not attend this again but it was a good event to experience!

❤ Christina

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