Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy Holiday + Currently Reading!

Happy Holidays from Boundless Lives! I hope everyone's holidays are going great. It's raining/icy mix in NYC but no real snow which Dana thinks is a total bummer.

This week I've been spending most of my time putting things together from Christmas and whatever post Christmas things we bought. Plus I've rearranged the apartment due to the excess of new toys that were taking over the living room and making us go bananas. So we allotted the girls a BIGGER play area which didn't spill over into our living area/office.

AND! I'm currently reading this book. I'm a few chapters in and it's really good! I estimate the review WILL BE up by the weekend. I never got around to doing the review for A Christmas Carol because I spent three weeks straight focusing on the finals for my classes. In my short opinion though, read it. It's a classic. Then when you are done go watch one of the MANY movies that have been made based on the book.

We are just a few days short of a New Year and I'm already thinking of my intentions for the New Year. I used to set resolutions but this year I'm trying something DIFFERENT. Don't worry I will elaborate on this!

Have a safe holiday!

ღ Christina

Life and Other Near-death Experiences:
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