Monday, January 4, 2016

Book Review: Life and Other Near-Death Experiences by Camille Pagán

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“in order to function, most people have to ignore reality, or at least most of it.” 

― Camille PagánLife and Other Near-Death Experiences
My Review: 
Once I picked this book up and started reading, it was nearly impossible to put down. In less than 24 hours (I had to sleep eventually!) the book was finished and it made me really think about my life from a different perspective.

The main character, Libby's sarcastic tone will make you laugh, become slightly offended and cry throughout the book as she goes through a time frame of more than a month changing her whole life and living it to complete fullness. It really shows us, the readers, what people do when they are close to near-death experiences. We can either waddle in our sorrows making excuse after excuse or we go out there and grab life for what it's worth.

In one day Libby's entire life changes and she decides what is best for her which sends her on a complete emotional roller coaster ride of life. Camille Pagán wrote this book beautifully allowing you to live Libby's ups and downs with her. At some point or another, I really thought I was in the book and Libby was reading my story.

About the Author 

Currently the health editor at Real Simple, Camille Pagán states that although her passion is health and nutrition, her first love is fiction. She is a graduate of University of Michigan. where she studied English and Native American Literature.  Life and Other Near-Death Experiences is her second published novel. Her first novel is The Art of Forgetting.

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