Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kid Chronicles: Siblings are Fun, No Matter How Much They Fight

These two girls make me wonder if they will ever get along sometimes. They fight over what toys belongs to who and get really mad at each other! Anybody want to be a referee? Now Accepting Applications!

However they do some sweet things like give morning goodbye hugs and kisses to each other (Where are mine?) and Ava (the baby in case you didn't know) is always so excited to see her older sister come home from school. Seriously - screaming with excitement excited.

 The relationship they share remind me a lot of when my sister Sabrina and I were kids. She used to make me SO mad. Why did I have to share everything with her?! She even slept in my bed! Didn't she have her own? But when she wasn't around, I missed her so much and as she grew I couldn't believe that time had slipped so quickly!

I hope as these two get older, they feel the same way. My sister calls them Christina and Sabrina 2.0 because they really do remind us of our fights and time spent together.
I've been fortunate enough to have two younger sisters - although my youngest sister and I are nearly 12 years apart. That's why I think siblings are so much fun. I've learned a lot from having two sisters and I hope that Dana and Ava learn a lot from having each other. Although Dana says it's time for a brother. Haha!


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