Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ninety Days of Crazy

We can barely all get into a pic together!
We survived the first ninety days of drastic changes. What changes you say, well let’s see I went back to having two jobs but instead of it being days and evenings it is now overnights and days which we thought would be a lot easier on us with the girls. Who were we kidding because now I need to sleep once I get home and head to work by 10PM but guess what? I work in NJ and live in Queens. I am going to let you guess how long my commute is and do the math on how many hours you really think I sleep.  As you may already know we are both full time students, have one child attending school and ballet while the other well trashes anything in site. Within all this cwazy business we have managed to always have one of us home with the girls and have family time, this my friends takes a lot of planning and coordination. How you say? Well let’s find out but reading below:

Schedules: Plenty of schedule keeping. Appointments, class hours, ballet, recitals and so on. What do we use? Well we share a Google calendar to keep track of our weekly shenanigans and give each other verbal reminders that normally turn into oh crap that’s this weekend. Lol.
Routines: Oh yes the dreadful morning or evening routines. Get D and A as well as ourselves ready for the morning marathon. Oh god forbid Chris doesn’t get her café, steer clear I say.  The get into the bathroom to brush your teeth you are going to be late to the hurry get your shoes on the correct way I may add, also did you grab everything. Sounds the same during the evening, instead of shoes it’s PJS and get into bed.

Sleeping: I sleep 1-2 hours before I have to get ready to head to work. Luckily I work close to home at night.  So after we survive the evening routine of HW, dinner, bath time and some family time it is time to get into bed not sleep but bed. We parents know what that routine is like, all of the sudden I need a snack, I’m thirsty; I want another doll or in our case rub my back please. Then somewhere along the way some if not all of us fall asleep.

Leisure/Family Time: This can be a number of things from movie night to wrestling on the rug in the middle of the living room to shopping together. D loves doing store and supermarket runs. Oh her latest helping put furniture together whereas A loves seeing things fall apart. We try as much as possible to do things together but our hectic schedules make it almost impossible some times and I personally miss out on a lot but Chris manages to give me a step by step run down of the day and a load of pictures. We do go away once in a while and its normally sporadic not actually planned. My work schedule may seem well put together but as a mandated worker I get stuck A LOT.
This is just a glimpse into the wild.


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