Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Visit to Sahara Sam's Oasis

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and therefore my own personal and honest opinion. 

So for our #SundayFunday we decided to head to Sahara Sam's Oasis, an indoor/outdoor water park in New Jersey. We drove up to Wayne, PA the night before to be closer and just to get away from NYC for the weekend (our experience at the Courtyard Marriott there was wonderful and we plan on going back very soon) and then drove up to NJ the next day. We got our tickets for $23.95/person online with a promo code and Ava was free.

We were really excited to go to an indoor/outdoor water park and the pictures showed a few neat things the kids could do. When we got there the building looked a lot smaller than we anticipated. We quickly changed into our swimsuits and let the fun begin.

There is an arcade, a cafe, bar, and tons of changing rooms. So there is plenty of things to do other than just be in the water and there is almost zero lines. Things move quickly and you are able to get on everything quickly. There are at least two major pools and various smaller pools as well as tons of beach chairs where you can sit back and relax.

I'm not sure I like people being able to drink near my kids. I'm not sure how their policies work because I didn't look twice at the bar but it was definitely a turn off for us.
Another con is that some of the kids are so excited that they push around younger kids. Dana got pushed out the way a few times from older kids who do not pay attention to where they are going. I know this is not Sahara Sam's fault but it was reason enough for us to believe its not worth a second trip.

It's advertised that the indoor temperature is 84 degrees and it just might be our kids, but there was a fan going in the middle of the park and our kids were trembling! Once we noticed it didn't seem that they were going to ever get warm enough, we tried to head to the outdoor portion so they can get some sunshine. It seemed to make them feel a bit better but by then we were already sort of turned off and ready to leave.

We didn't bother with the arcade games but we could see that a lot of people were having fun with them and it was pretty packed in there.

I'd like to also add that some of the people who work there are down right RUDE! While not everyone is like that, it was just disheartening. I worked in customer service for years, so I get it, but I did always put my best effort forward. After all, it's a job that I was getting paid to do.

Overall, it's an okay indoor/outdoor water park. Personally we will be skipping it and looking for another go to park.


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