• bound·less
  • [ bówndləss ]
    limitless: seeming to have no end or limit

Hey! Welcome to our little corner of  the web! I'm Christina, I'm a work from home mama and just completed my degree in Psychology and English. It's been thrilling going from a working mother to a stay at home mom and now to a mom that works at home. My hobbies include reading, writing, fitness, drinking lots of coffee and learning new things.

I created Boundless Lives in 2014 about two months prior to my Maternity leave to document my personal experiences and talk about staying at home. Since then the blog has evolved to include book reviews, fitness, and other tips.

Annie is a working mama who just completed her degree as well. [Business Administration and Marketing] Annie is passionate about social change. She loves Art, personal development, trying new things and going on adventures. 

Last, but certainly not least, here are our girls princesses. [Dana on the right, Ava on the left] Dana is a spunky, art loving Kindergartner and Ava is a loving toddler with a BIG personality! They both enjoy drawing + painting.

You will hear their stories and milestones in this blog because they are the reason it was created. We love them very much and love going on adventures with them!

Fun Facts About Our Family
1. We've all lived in NYC and pretty much have our entire lives with the exception of Annie's time back in the Dominican Republic. 
2. Christina is Guyanese, Annie is Dominican.
3. Dana was born on Christmas.
4. Ava hates veggies (she says 'ew!')
5. We love the beach, mainly the water - not so much the sand!

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